The Ink Is Dry!

Good news, sports fans: I’ve signed a publishing contract for my upcoming book.  I’m delighted to announce that Fundamentalist U: Keeping the Faith in American Higher Education will be published by Oxford University Press.  It will join other terrific Oxford titles such as Dan Williams’ Defenders of the Unborn and God’s Own Party, as well … More The Ink Is Dry!

Who Knew Creationism Was so Controversial?

It sure didn’t take long! As soon as our recent commentary about creationism and evolution went up at Education Week, there were plenty of people ready to fight about it. If you’re looking for some interesting reading, go ahead and skip the article–since you’ve already read the book–and check out the comments section.  Some commenters … More Who Knew Creationism Was so Controversial?

Layin’ Down the Law

What’s the point of my book?  According to Kunal M. Parker in the pages of the Tulsa Law Review, it highlights “Modernist Forms of Thinking and their Critics in Mid-Twentieth Century America.” Professor Parker includes The Other School Reformers in a thoughtful, lengthy review essay, along with Kevin Kruse’s One Nation Under God and Reuel … More Layin’ Down the Law

We’re Number One!

According to the publishing demons at Amazon, at least.  My new book about the history of evolution education will be officially released tomorrow.  Along with co-author Harvey Siegel, we take a look at the history of evolution education and creationist opposition, along with the philosophical issues involved.  Then we offer a few common-sense suggestions about … More We’re Number One!

Tough Crowd…

The reviews keep comin in!  I’m delighted to report another review of The Other School Reformers.  This one is by Princeton’s Kevin Kruse, in the pages of the Journal of American History (sorry, subscription required). Non-academic readers might not know Professor Kruse, but every nerd knows that he has done as much as anyone to … More Tough Crowd…