The Ink Is Dry!

Good news, sports fans: I’ve signed a publishing contract for my upcoming book.  I’m delighted to announce that Fundamentalist U: Keeping the Faith in American Higher Education will be published by Oxford University Press.  It will join other terrific Oxford titles such as Dan Williams’ Defenders of the Unborn and God’s Own Party, as well as Molly Worthen’s Apostles of Reason.

1920s book
“Another Pied Piper,” E.J. Pace, 1922

When will all the magic happen?  Academic publishing is a slow train, but I’ve promised to deliver my manuscript by the end of our upcoming school year, May 2017.  After that, it needs to go through a few rounds of editing and spiffing up.  My best guess is that the book will hit the shelves in early 2018.  Or so.

Take that, Mr. Bryan, 1925

So here’s my question for you: Any ideas for cover art?  We’ve got some time to think about it, but it’s never too early to start the conversation.  With my first book, an E.J. Pace cartoon jumped out at us for a cover image.  For my second one, the photo from the Smithsonian collection of Darrow facing off against Bryan was a slam-dunk.

Gustafson chimes cartoon bible a myth at many colleges
From the Biola Chimes, 1939

So what should go on this cover?  I’ve got a couple of ideas.  How about another cartoon?  I like several that sum up the vibe of conservative evangelical universities.  Or what about an artfully fuzzed-up background made from one of the schools’ famous student rulebooks?  That might also establish a tone for the book as a whole.

Dating rules at Bob Jones College, c. 1931

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “The Ink Is Dry!

  1. I like the idea of the BJU rules blurred. An image like that is the type that draws me to a book. A cartoon usually puts me off, not seeing a book as consequential unless I know the author. My opinion, only. I hope it will be available on Kindle.

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